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With the latest innovation from USP Designs, you can expect your office to be a little quieter from now on. At USP Designs, we understand that time spent behind a desk, is money lost, therefore we have invested a great deal of time to develop software that allows you to spend less time in the office, and more time seeing clients.

Cyberagent Online has incorporated the most commonly used functions of the CyberAgent package, into a mobile application. Included in this software is a powerful Website Interface catering for those agents without handheld devices.
You can manage your properties, agents and contacts through CyberAgent Online anywhere in the world from any PC as long as you have Internet access. No longer do you have to sit in an office environment; no longer do you have to worry what is happening when you are away on holiday

CyberAgent Online Main Menu

From here you can choose what you want to do. You can view/change Properties, Agents, Contacts. You can Syncronize your data - this uploads the listings to the various websites and updates the office database for CyberAgent users.



The Property Pictures Screen

Includes a powerful, yet easy to use search facility for example searches on property types, house price and contacts.

The Property Listing Screen

Includes a powerful,
yet easy to use search facility.

The NLS Details Screen -

This module enables you to share listings with other agents in your area using CyberAgent should you want to.

CyberAgent has extended it's capabilities with this application; it's broken out of the confines of the office and into the field -
into YOUR pocket!

CyberAgent Online allows for the individual agent to manage his/her listings from anywhere at any time - whether a connection to the Internet is available or not! The most frequently used modules of CyberAgent: Contact Manager, Agent Manager and Property Manager together with the ability to update the various websites has been put together in this new innovative cutting-edge tool: CyberAgent Online.

Through CyberAgent Online your propeties are advertised on the following websites:
For a nominal fee of R114 including VAT per month, per agency, your properties can also now be advertised on
For a nominal fee of R240 including VAT per month, per agency, your properties can also now be advertised on

Your agency website where your agency is using CyberAgent Professional

Agents, if your agency does not yet, make use of the CyberAgent package, you will still be able to enjoy the facilities offered by CyberAgent Mobile!

Yet again a first for South Africa! Innovation at its best!

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